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Terms and conditions

Shipping Times

ATTENTION: the times shown here are indicative and may vary based on production and logistical needs. Therefore, reference should always be made to the times indicated when entering the location in the top bar.

Goods ordered on Monday by 8.30pm are produced and shipped on Tuesday with delivery by Friday.
Goods ordered on Tuesday by 8.30pm are produced and shipped on Wednesday with delivery by Saturday.
Goods ordered between Wednesday and Sunday are produced and shipped on Monday with delivery by Thursday.

Delivery within 72 hours: what does this mean?

We do everything to ensure that the goods arrive as quickly as possible and delivery usually takes place within 1/2 days of departure. However, it may happen that for reasons beyond our control, delivery takes place within 72 hours.
If this is not acceptable to you, please do not order.

Day, time and place of delivery

The precise day and time in which the goods will be delivered depend on the courier and we cannot know in advance. You must therefore indicate an address where there is a concierge or in any case where there is always someone available to collect (for example a friendly business).
You can leave a note regarding the day or time of delivery, but unfortunately the courier is not required to respect it.
We assume no responsibility for packages not delivered or delivered late due to the absence of the recipient

Tracking number

The tracking number and link to track the shipment will be sent to you via email by 8pm on the day of shipment.
If it does not arrive within this time

Goods to be received over the weekend

To receive the goods over the weekend we can ship on Thursday and have them delivered to the warehouse closest to you.
The delivery is therefore not at home, but in the warehouse: this means that you will have to be the one to collect the goods from the warehouse on Friday or Saturday morning (from 9 to 12).

For this reason, we accept to make shipments on Thursdays only subject to availability for collection  stored by the customer.

If you want to request a weekend shipment, proceed as follows:

  1. Find the nearest depot (ATTENTION: you must only consider the BRANCH entry and CHECK THAT IT IS OPEN ON SATURDAY MORNING. Any "KIPOINT" entries are not to be taken into consideration)

  2. Place your order online as normal and enter the following note during checkout “SHIP THURSDAY WITH DEPOSIT HOLD. I WILL COLLECT IN DEPOSIT"

  3. After placing the order, write to us immediately at indicating the order number and letting us know that you requested shipping on Thursday

  4. Please wait for our shipping confirmation email on Thursday

  5. In the late afternoon on Thursday you will receive the tracking link via email: as soon as the goods have arrived at the warehouse, you can go and collect them

ATTENTION: so that we can produce them on Thursday, orders must arrive by 5.30pm on Wednesday at the latest


During the Christmas and Easter holidays "working week" only shipments will be made to fixed depot with possible delays in deliveries It is possible to assume a firm deposit at the courier's relevant branch on Saturday morning, with the shipment departing on Thursday  than Friday, but exclusively by prior arrangement, because if there should be any delays the customer can collect it at the office  nearest, with our customer service on +393314969 039 or by email tothe address


The mozzarella is packaged in polystyrene packaging, which keeps its temperature constant and is certified, it always travels together with its conservation liquid



Upon delivery of the mozzarella or dairy products, store the buffalo mozzarella in the preserving liquid in which it travels. The buffalo mozzarella does not go in the fridge, but kept in the original bags in a cool place with the preserving liquid.

Only in case of high temperatures can the option of buffalo mozzarella in the fridge be considered, but including the polystyrene with which the mozzarella travels. If you purchase products with cow's milk it is advisable to use the fridge.

All orders* placed on Monday and Tuesday by 7.00 pm will be shipped the following day, while those received by us on Wednesday by 7.00 pm can leave on Thursday morning but only by prior agreement with our customer care contactable on +39 331 49 69 039 or by email at

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